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May 28, 2012 · I did recheck all the other components: rag joint, pitman arm, centerlink, tie rod ends and idler arm. All seem very tight. I did replace all the steering parts recently trying to make my old PS work. I finally made the jump to the Borgeson box and was very happy with it until recently. I did contact Gil from Borgeson on this.
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If you have 605 power steering, the 500 box is a straight swap, except for the power steering hoses. Same rag joint too. I believe there's modifications needed to go from a 605 to a Borgeson box.
Turn One's Performance Model steering box is designed as an entry level steering box to provide you with improved feel over your stock box. Based off of the Saginaw 600 series box, Turn One's Performance Model boxes are designed to be a direct bolt-in replacement for the Saginaw 700 series steering boxes commonly found on the Camaro, Chevelle, and similar vehicles. The Conversion Box included in these kits is a remanufactured GM Delphi 600 integral power steering gearbox. The Delphi 600 represents the last generation of integral power steering gearbox technology with true modern power steering feel, feedback and a sporty 12.7:! ratio. CPP also carries the U-joints necessary to adapt the box to the stock, GM, or aftermarket column, so you're covered no matter what. For the CPP 's 56 Effie, we installed the box along with an ididit column and billet steering wheel. We also used a new GM pump with a chrome reservoir and chrome bracketry.
Apr 17, 2014 · Borgeson manufactures power to manual conversion kits for these cars. Summit Racing offers the Borgeson kits and the necessary small parts to complete the conversion. The heart of the Borgeson kits is a new Saginaw Model 525 manual steering box. GM used this cast iron box beginning in the 1950s and installed it on ‘60s muscle cars. The best part is, our Ford Falcon Steering Gear Box products start from as little as $239.99. When it comes to your Ford Falcon, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Steering Gear Box product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence.
Of course, the Borgeson and presumably the FR one also involve removing the steering box and replacing it completely. I'm surprised at the claim that no alternator upgrade is required. Maybe the fine print is that this assumes you haven't already stretched the friendship with the alternator with add ons like a stereo, fans, aircon, better ... Adjusting the steering box can be easily done with a few tools to bring the power steering play back into acceptable limits. Step 1 Use a floor jack to raise the front wheels of the vehicle off the ground and place a jack stand under each side of the frame. Any looseness in the steering box will cause play in the steering wheel and steering linkage. Small amounts of excessive play in the box will cause larger movements elsewhere. Many things can cause play in the steering box : worn sector shaft needle bearings, worn teeth on the sector shaft or rack block, worn balls in the recirculating assembly ...
it is supposed to stiffen the front sub-frame and reinforce the steering box mount, from what i have been told. Hmmm, there again, that sounds like the application for a Camaro, Nova, or Mustang where there is a front engine cradle and a rear suspension cradle - both referred to as subframes. These needle bearing steering universal joints are a must  when adding power steering or adding a tilt steering column to your classic. Available for All make and model vehicles. Deluxe Borgeson type. Jun 20, 2014 · This means you will need a different rag joint, that rubber donut-looking piece that isolates vibration between the steering shaft and the steering box. The good news is that GM built several vehicles that will adapt the box to the shaft – and that rag joint is a Dorman part that Summit Racing carries.
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